Our Bars

We started off with one Horsebox Bar but we have grown over the last year adding more quirky bars to our fleet - check them out below


The Suffolk Punch

The original Horsebox on our fleet. Aptly named after the famous Suffolk horse breed, this is the largest of our Horseboxes. Finished in wood and a striking blue, it will certainly be a focal point at your event.

The Newmarket Stallion

The second of our Horseboxes is named after the famous 'Newmarket Stallion' sculpture. Slightly smaller than 'The Suffolk Punch', The Newmarket Stallion' is perfect for smaller gardens. We also offer this as a Dry Hire option without staff.

Horsebox 2.jpg
coming soon.jpg


Named after our rescue Staffy, Bailey - watch this space to see what we do with the miniature Horsebox!


Named after our Cocker Spaniel puppy, Percy, you will have to come back and see what we have up our sleeves!

coming soon.jpg